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    Although the identified victims were 1,474, it is certain that more than 1,500 people died. The number of B-29s was 125, and each bomber was usually operated by eleven crews. That means 1375 crews killed 1500 people with kill-ratio of 1.1.
    Some of old documents said of deaths as 1143, but the research by Mr. Katsutaro Kasawa revealed that 300 more people died.

Bar Chart to Show Numbers of Killed Citizens by Ages
Fig.12.1 The Death Toll in the NAGAOKA Air Raid by Ages (Revised from ref.#2 pp117)

    Deaths of males in their 20s were less than other age groups becasue males in that age were gone for the war as soldiers. The figure shows that the most severely victimized age group was children.
    Large number of child deaths seems to increase deaths of females in 30's who were thought to be mothers of children.
    It is important to know that most of the victims were females and children. Approximately, children under 15 year-old and female in all ages reaches 80% of the whole deaths.