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Arial view of Toyama City during the Bombing by B-29
Fig 5.1 Toyama, where 99% of the City was Burned by B29 Campaign
   B-29 was designed to drop bombs from high altitude. At the beginning of B-29 campaigns, Japan's military bases and war industries were targeted from high altitude with high-explosive bombs. But thick clouds and strong air flow prevented from accurate bombing. Soon it bacame obvious that such "daylight precision bombing" from high altitude was not effective.

   So the bombing method was changed such that B-29s drop incendiary bombs from low altitude in the night. And targets were also changed from war industries to residential areas where it was very easy to be burned out. Loss of B-29 in bombing from low altitude was estimated to be acceptable because Japan's air defense had already become very weak. Besides, flying at low altitude made it possible to carry more bombs with saving fuel use.

   It was indiscriminative carpet bombing. But it should be noted that B-29 campaign was not the only such bombings. Japan also did it on Chinese cities. Among them, ChongChing was bombed in indiscriminative way from 1939 to 1941. Numbers of deaths were said to be 11,889. This number does not include 10,000 citizens deaths in the shelter on June 5,1941.