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Pull back of Japan's front line in Pacific war
Fig.1.1 Pullbacking of Japan's Front Line in the Pacific War
   The Pacific War was part of World War II. Japan started the war with Pearl Harbor Attack on December 8th, 1941, and fought against United States of America, Great Britain, Australia, Nederland and so on. At that time, Japan Imperial Army had already been invading China for many years. But the war on Chinese main land had become soured year by year and raised international condemnations. In order to break through the situation and get the war resources in Southeast Asia and Pacific region, Japan started another desparate war.

    As shown in Fig.1.1, Japan had occupied a very huge area in Asia and Pacific region at the early stage of the war. But after the defeat in the battle of Midway in 1942, Japan had just pullbacked the front line. In 1945, Japan's main land became the targets of air raids by US bombers flying from the air bases on Sipan and Tinian Islands.