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Structures of Incendiary Bomb M-69
Fig 6.1 Incendiary Bomb for burning out residencial houses in Japan
   Incendiary Bomb is not so explosive, rather, it is a type of bomb to set fire on buildings. In order to burn out Japan's cities effectively, new incendiary bomb "M-69" was developed. The effectiveness of the bomb was proved through the test in Dugway Proving Ground, Utah. In the test, a real-sized Japan style house was burned to evaluate M-69.

   M69 has three inches diameter and twenty inches length. In order to bundle 38 M-69s into a cluster bomb M-19, the M-69 has hexagonal cross section. Each M69 has cloth tails instead of fin at the top. The M69 sprays napalm jerry before or after landing by five second delay fuse and TNT. Napalm can be dispersed to the area of 100ft * 100ft. Sticking to buildings and people's clothes, the napalm gets fire by Magnesium, and then burn everything.

   The first indiscriminative bombing onto residential area was examined in March 10, 1945. The Great Tokyo Air Raid killed 80,000 people in just one night. After that, other major cities of Japan like Nagoya, Osaka, Kobe, and so on were also attacked.

   Since June of 1945, relatively small cities like NAGAOKA had also become targets of indiscriminative incendiary bombings.