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    The purpose of indiscriminative incendiary bombing was to burn everything in town such as houses, shops, schools, and factories with fire. It was obvious that people living there were also targeted.

    People in Nagaoka noticed that rain like liquid was falling down on them during the air raid. It made them wonder because there was no cloud in the sky; they could even see stars. Then they realized that it was napalm, gasolin like oil, which was sprayed from incendiary bombs. The napalm is flammable, that is easily to be caught on fire. Once it sticks to the clothes, it ignites and burns human body.

    Therefore a typical cause of deaths was burning. In cases of severe burning, it left skeltonized bodies.

    == One person saw a group of dead bodies on a narrow alley near Kamiya Hospital. The bodies were burnt so terriblly that white bones appeared as skelton. She was a young mother with one or two-year old baby, also skeltonized to white bones, on her back. There was another four or five-year old child who was gripping the mother's left arm so tightly. The child was also burned to be white bones. (ref#2 pp393)

    Except such severely burned cases, most of the dead bodies was being black, carbon like corpses. Bodies like charcoal were seen at Hiragata Shrine, Shinmei Shrine, on the bank of Shinano River, and so on. Some blackend bodies were torn and bowels in pink color appreared.

    == It was difficult to tell who the dead body was. Some people who could not find their family members picked up several pieces of bone from mass-cremation without knowing whose bone it was. They put such bone in tomb as remains of their lost family.(ref#1 pp25, ref#2 pp269)

    Even if not burned to be killed during the air raid, many people died with agony because of skin burns.

    == There was a dead body of child by the entranceway of Hiragata Shrine. All the skin was peeled off and the body looked luster. The child seemed to be a girl becasue a red backpack was with dead body.(ref#1 pp118)

    == One saw a twelve or thirteen year old girl was quivering her hands and legs. She was still alive but about to die because of severe burn.(ref#2 pp183)