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Nagaoka in Japan's Honshu Island and Chosei Bridge
Fig 7.1 Location of the City of NAGAOKA and Chosei Bridge over Shinano River
   Nagaoka is a local city at 200 mile north of Tokyo, which is the second largest city in Niigata Prefecture. Now the population of the city is 190,000 (at Apr. 2005). Shinano River, the longest river in Japan, flows by the down town of Nagaoka.

   During the Edo Era(17c-19c) of Tokugawa Shogunage, the city had been under control of a landlord. At the end of Edo Era, the city was burned out in amid of battle between Samurais of Nagaoka and Armies from western part of Japan. That was part of the civil war that eventually led Japan's modernization. But was there anyone who could predict that Nagaoka would be burned again?

   The Chosei Bridge in the photo was constructed in 1938, which is still in service. The Bridge should have seen what happened in the midnight of August 1st in 1945.