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Victims of the Airraid --- (13 of 21)

Bar charts show the number of family unit and the number of mothers that were killed by B29 indiscriminative bombing onto Nagaoka
Fig 13.1 Numbers of Deaths of Families and Mothers (ref.#2 pp.118)

    Deaths as family unit reached the half of the total. The left graph shows number of families that died in NAGAOKA AIR RAID. Most of Family evacuated or hide into shelters together. So in the worst case, they died altogether.

    Deaths as conbinations of mothers and children also happened so much. The right graph shows numbers of mothers and their children. 91 mothers were killed with their children. Burned bodies of mothers with children were seen after the air raid.

== People saw a mother of age of about 27 was dead. She laid in Kaki River near Hiragata Shrine, holding two children in both arms; one was a boy, the other was a girl.(ref.#2 pp.209)

== A head of dead baby was seen at body of a pregnant mother. Mother's body was burned black like carbon. From that black body, a red ball like head of the baby was seen. One said the head protruded from the body, the other said the abdomen was torn up. In anyway it was a horrible scene.(ref.#1 pp24, pp284 and #2 pp256)

== A mother and three children were found dead by a bathtub in a house. They poured water to themselves to cool down. But heat and lack of oxygen killed them. The husband saw that little water remained at bottom of the bathtub. He went into Buddhism priesthood after the war.(ref.#1 pp50, ref.#2 pp329)