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The last year of war, 1945 --- (2 of 21)

   1945 was the year that Japan surrendered. Though Japan had already lost its power to continue the war in the beginning of the year, Japan's wartime leaders would not stop fighting. They worried not about loss of Japanese civilians' lives but about the emperor's soverieignty "Kokutai". Delay of its surrender resulted in a huge number of deaths of Japanese civilians as follows.

March 9, Tokyo
    80,000 people was burned to death in just one night at the residential area of Tokyo by 1,667 ton of Incendiary Bomb. Subsequently, another major Japan cities such as Nagoya, Osaka, Kobe, Yokohama were also air-attacked.

April 1 to June 23, Okinawa
    120,000 islanders of Okinawa were killed by the Battle of Okinawa since April 1st to June 23rd. Okinawa, which had its original culture and language in the history, became an onland battle field.

August 6, Hiroshima
    140,000 civilians lost their lives by just one atomic bomb. This number is an estimation at the end of 1945, does not include deaths by after effect in years followed.

August 9, Nagasaki
    74,000 civilians were killed by another atomic bomb just three days after the Hiroshima's.

August 15, 1945
    Japan surrendered, it was the end of the War. It is said that 3.1 million Japanese died in the war, but we should never forget that much more Asian people were killed by the war that Japan had started.