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B29 dropping bombs
Fig 10.1 An Image of Night Bombing
   Some people in Nagaoka was affraid of air raid in that night. So they turned on radio to get information. But what they heard from radio was only noise. Because one B-29 spread leaves of tin in the sky to disturb radio broadcasting before the air raid.

    At 21:06, the yellow alert was announced. Most of the people was used to that level of alert. But just after the red alert was announced at 22:26, the air raid in fact started. "Path finder" B-29 dropped flare bombs on Miyauchi in the southern part and on Nishi-shinmachi in the northern part of the city. Those flare bombs indicated the targeted area for other B-29s that followed.

    What happened after that was the sheer carpet bombing lasting 100 minutes. More than 150,000 of M69 incendiary bombs came down onto civilians in Nagaoka. Soon the town was filled with fire.