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B29 bomber
Fig 3.1 B29 Bomber to attack Japan's main land in World War Two (This picture is from Ref.#6)
   The B-29 was a revolutionary advanced air craft that could carry 20,000-pond bomb load for very long distance of 7,000miles. Total lemgth was 99 feet, Wing width was 141 feet. The bombers could fly from Miriana to Japan for 15 hours. Crew space was pressurized so that crew could got enough oxygen and warmth even at high altitudes.

   The B-29 Bomber is famous for dropping atomic bombs onto Hiroshima and Nagasaki. But also was used to drop incendiary bombs to burn out the residential areas of Japan's cities.

Engine : 2,200 horsepower x4
Max. speed : 600(km/hr) at 7,600(m) altitude (370 miles/hr at 25,000 feet)
Ordinary Speed : 353 km/hr (220 miles/hour)
Maximum Altitude : 9,700m (32,000 feet)
Distance : 9,350 km (5,800 miles)
Self Weight : 47,500 kg (105,000 lbs)
Weight of Bombs : 7,200 kg (15,800 lbs)
Width : 43.07 m (141 ft)
Length : 30.195 m (99 ft)
Arms: 12.7 mm machinegun*10, 20 mm*1
Number of Crews: 11