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Comparison to Other Cities
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Maps to show the locations of four Cities Burned in August 1st, 1945
Fig. 15.1 Four Cities Attacked in August 1, 1945

    Four cities in Japan got airraided by incendiary bombs in indiscriminative manner on August 1st, 1945. The Air-raid of the day was the maximum scale bombing in the history until that time. 820 B-29 bombers dropped 6632 tons of bombs and mines onto four cities, oil industry in Kawasaki, and some straits.

Table 15.1 Damages of Four Cities Bombed on August 1st, 1945

Name of City Population Death Toll Burnt Houses Deaths per 1000
Deaths per 1000
Burnt Houses
% of City Damaged
(US evaluation)
NAGAOKA 74,508
1,457 11,986 19.5 121.5 64.9
TOYAMA 168,739
2,149 22,149 12.7 93.9 98.6
MITO 66,983
242 10,104 3.6 24.0 68.9
398 13,338 5.1 29.4 65.0

    Numbers of deaths in Nagaoka and Toyama are much more than Mito and Hachiohji. In those cities of Mito and Hachiohji, people probably knew what an incendiary bombing was like because the two cities are near to Tokyo.
    Airraid on Tokyo on March 9 was extraordinary one that killed 83,600 people. People in Pacific Ocean side might have known that the lessons of a fire bombing were; staying in a shelter was dangerous, and it is best to get out of the city for surviving.
    People in Toyama once got the air raid warning in the night of August 1st. B-29 bombers did flew over Toyama but did not drop bombs because they were heading to Nagaoka. So Toyama people got relieved, went home, and fell asleep. But after that, the second wave of B-29s bombed the city in early morning of August 2nd. That tactically well-planned attack cheated people and killed more.