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Flier dropped from the air. Nagaoka is included.
Fig 8.1 Fliers to Warn Imminent Air Raids, dropped from the sky
   There were the warnings before the NAGAOKA AIR RAID. Fliers were dropped from the sky. That paper listed names of cities which might be attacked in near future. On the back side of the paper, there were Japanese comments telling people to get out of those cities and to cooperate to end the war.

   The fliers were dropped on Nagaoka three times. The first was on July 7, in which the name of NAGAOKA was not listed. The second was dropped on July 27, which added NAGAOKA as shown in the photo. But the third on July 31, the day before of the air raid, the fliers did not list NAGAOKA. The lacking of Nagaoka on the target list written on the latest fliers might have loosen people's precaution against the air raid.

   Japan's authorities prohibited citizens from possesing this kind of fliers nor telling other people what was written on it. Citizens had to gather the fliers and hand them to the authorities.