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Cause of Severe Damage -- (14 of 21)

Figures show structuresh of shelters(Boh-ku-goh) in which many people died
Fig 14.1 Structure of shelter to hide from incendiary bombs
(Left:ref#4, Right:ref#6)

    Shelters were called "Bo-ku-go" in Japanese. Japan's authority told people to make a small shelter in each house and constructed public shelters for those who could not have their own shelter. However, most of them did not help people survive at all. Actually shoddy Bokugo(s) did increase the number of deaths.

    Since the fire was so strong that the shelters like in the figure 14.1 could simply be burned. If not burned, heat and/or gas killed people inside. The most disastrous case of deaths in shelters happened in the public shelter in Hiragata Shrine. About 100 people were killed in that shelter.