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TAP the MAP and show it to people. They will tell you how to get to this spot.
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Hajikizaki Lighthouse

How to get

Get off the #4 bus (Uchikaifu-sen) at "Moura Iriguchi" bus stop. There is a straight road of 2m width along the fence. Or walk along the bus route towards the direction of Moura village a while and you will reach the lighthouse through the gravel road.

Photo.97.1 Hajikizaki Lighthouse with Moura Village

Note that there is a fence behind the lighthouse as shown in the map with red line. Many signboards on the fence are saying "no trespassing". There are some kinds of facility behind the fence, but the creator of this website has not confirm what the facilities are. It would be better for a tourist not to get inside of the facilities.

The first lighthouse was built in 1919 after the shipwreck in December 1914 in which 30 and some people died. The ship "Matsushima-Maru" was on the way to Hokkaido from Noto, stranded nearby rocky sea shore. The current lighthouse was built in 1990. It is remote-controlled so no one is stationed there. This lighthouse was used as the story scene of famous movie "Yorokobi-mo Kanashimi-mo Ikutoshitsuki" in 19571).

Photo.97.2 Hajikizaki Lighthouse

And this is the end of travel guide about Sado on "". The creator of this website hopes that a viewer will get some basic ideas of Japanese history and culture through the webpages about Sado island. Since Sado is surrounded by the sea, torists can eat very nice sea food. So at the end, this page shows you many sea food that the author has eaten in Sado. Think about staying the night in a gusthouse "Minshuku" so that you can eat fresh seafood of Sado.

Photo.97.4 Squid Sashimi

Photo.97.4 Boiled Yellowtail

Photo.97.5 Sashimi, boiled fish, and two Crabs

Photo.97.6 Sushi

Photo.97.6 Sashimi

But sometimes this kind of things happens for budget tight travelling. Thank you for reading until the end. Have a great trip on Sado!

Photo.97.7 Cost Effective Dinner on Sado Kisen Car Ferry