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TAP the MAP and show it to people. They will tell you how to get to this spot.
map of Futatsu Game

Futatsu Game

How to get

Get off the #4 bus (Uchikaifu-sen) at Futatsu Game Bus Stop.

Photo.95.1 Futatsu Game, view from Ono Game

"Futatsu" means 'two', "Game" coming from 'Kame' means 'turtle'. So "Futatsu Game" is simply meaning 'Two Turtles'. As shown in Photo.95.1, two islands look as if two turtles are facing each other. The left turtle in the photo has height of 67 meter (220 ft), and the right 80 meter (260 ft). The right turtle is connected to the land by sandbar. This sandbar becomes swimming beach in summer1). A book says that caw go to the two islands through the sandbar for pasturing in summer2). It is not sure that pasturing on Futatsu Game is still being done.

That plates on the pole in Photo.95.2 indicate distances to the major cities like; Tokyo: 311kilometer (190mile), Osaka: 485kilometer (300mile), and Hokkaido: 577kilometer (360mile).

Photo.95.2 Futatsu Game with Directions

Futasu Game is a popular tourist destination; however, there is not much to write about it. Please note that the following has almost nothing to do with Futatsu Game except its being Sado-thing. It is just to fill the space.

[3] Bird "Toki"
Toki3), Japanese crested ibis, or Nipponia Nippon, is a bird of endangered species. Actually Japan's Toki had already become extinct. In the old times, Toki were inhabited in broad regions in eastern Asia. But because of overhunting, Toki was decreasing over time. Toki on Oki Island became extinct in 1945, and the last toki of Noto Peninsula was caught and sent to Sado in 1970. Sado was the last place where Toki remained. People in Sado and Niigata had been longing that the last pair of Toki to have egg. They were female "Kin" and male "Midori". But people gradually realized that it was going to be impossible because of their age. A miracle like Mother Elisabeth of John the Baptist did not happen. Midori died in 1995. When the last female Toki "Kin" was dead in 2003, it was felt like an end of one era.

In 1999, China gave a pair of Toki to Japan. They laid eggs and descendants of Chinese Toki increased in the breeding facilities in Sado. Now some of them are released in the natural environment. As of April 2019, 327 of Toki have been released, 161 of them are thought to be alive, and 180 is the estimation of number for toki that are born in naturally. So the total number of Toki(s) in natural environment is 3414). But it is still difficult for tourists to see a Toki flying in the sky. If you would like to see the birds, visit "Toki Forest Park (Toki-no-mori Koen)" where Photo.95.3 was taken. Get on a Bus #2(Minami-sen) and get off at "Tokinomori Koen" Bus stop. #2 buses make a long detour from the main route of Prefectural highway No.65 near Niibo-Aoki, so it is easy to know where to get off.

Photo.95.3 Nipponia Nippon at Toki Forest Park

The above topics [3] is not about Futatsu Game. Sorry if it seemed to be confusing.