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map of Uga Shrine

Uga Shrine

How to get

Get off #3 bus (Higashi-Kaigan-sen) at "Uga Jinjya Mae" bus stop. Climb up the step stairway. As shown in the map, there are two routes to the top from the seaside road. One is from Uga Jinja Mae Bus stop, the other is the route passing by the Jishuu-in Temple. It may be a good option to walk different route for up and down.

Photo.85.1 Torii Gate of Uga Shrine

Uga Shrine is at the top of Nukadzuka Mountain in Moro'o village. The mountain top is at 106 meter (350 ft) from the sea level1). It is not so high, but, as shown in Photo.85.2, the mountain looks quite striking because it is standing just by the seashore with its conical shape. The mountain is also called "Moro'o Fuji" from the resemblance to Fuji Mountain that is the highest mountain in Japan. Actually there are a lot of something-Fuji Mountains in all over Japan. Most of them are striking and conical as Moro'o Fuji.

Photo.85.2 Uga Shrine viewed from the shore

Uga shrine's annual Festival is held on March 25. The enshrined god is Ugano-Mitamano-Mikoto who is the son of Susano'o-no-Mikoto. Establishment is thought to be older than Tensho Era (1573-1593) 2). Some relics were found on the top of the mountain. They are thought to be relics of Heian Era (794 - 1192). Therefore the mountain has been an object of faith since the old ages 3). Photo.85.3 is the view from the top.

Photo.85.3 View from the Top of Uga Shrine Mountain

Just little under the top, there is a place where to purify yourself before praying to the shrine. The procedure is indicated on the plate as shown in Photo.85.4. Actually this is not only in Uga Shrine, but every shrine in Japan has the same facility. Although it is not the same as what is depicted on the plate of Photo.85.4, the common procedure to go pray in a Shinto Shrine is as follows 4).

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Photo.85.4 Cleansing Manner before Praying in Shinto Shrine