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TAP the MAP and show it to people. They will tell you how to get to this spot.
map of Noh Stage of Homma

Noh Stage of Homma

How to get

Get off the #2 bus (Minami-sen) at "Hommake Noh Butai Mae" bus stop. It is in front of Homma’s Noh Stage.

Photo.83.1 Noh Stage of Homma

There are many Noh stages in Sado. It is said that there had been 200 of Noh stage, however, 32 remain as of 2010 1). Although most of Noh stages are properties of shrine or temple, this Homma’s Noh Stage is the only one that is a personal property 2). As shown in Photo.81.2, two pots are half buried with angles under to floor of the stage. This is to make acoustic effects of the sound.

Photo.83.2 Acoustic Devices under the floor

Annual schedule of Noh performances in Sado is as follows. This is the information as of 20193), so note that it is subjected to change. Confirm the information before you go see a Noh performance.

Some are free of charge, some needs a fee which is usually 1,000 JPY. Some people who know Noh well bring a cushion, or in Japanese "Zabuton" to sit on the ground during Noh performance.