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TAP the MAP and show it to people. They will tell you how to get to this spot.
map of Jisso Temple

Jisso Temple

How to get

Get off Bus#1 (Hon-sen) at "Ichinosawa" bus stop. Note that Chinese characters for "Ichinosawa (市野沢)" of the bus stop is different from "Ichinosawa (一谷)" of the nearby "Ichinosawa-Myosho Temple". Walk 200m or so towards Sawata on the same road for Bus #1 which is the National Highway #350. At almost the midpoint between Ichinosawa and Nagaki bus stops, you will see some boards about 実相寺 on the mountain side. Turn that corner to the mountain side. First 200m is straight and the road curves slightly right. Then you will see the entrance of Jisso Temple. Behind the entrance is a slope curbing to left and climbing up a hill. Note that the first Chinese character of "Jis"so temple is written in traditional Chinese character in many sign boards. You can see the character (實) in the map above. It is different from the modern Japanese Kanji (実) which you usually find in guide books.

Photo.26.1 The corner to turn from the Bus Route for Jisso Temple

Photo.26.2 San'mon Gate of Jisso Temple

Photo.26.3 Statue of the Founder of the Sect