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TAP the MAP and show it to people. They will tell you how to get to this spot.
map of Ichinosawa Myosho Temple

Ichinosawa Myosho Temple

How to get

Get off Bus#1 (Hon-sen) at "Nagaki" bus stop. There is an intersection between Ryotsu-bound and Sawata-bound bus stops of "Nagaki". Turn that corner to mountain side. Uphill slope but it is not so steep. The road has some deviations, but go along the road to northwest. 17-minute walk takes you to the front of Nioh-gate. You see it on the right hand side and the Pagoda on the left hand side. Go through the Nioh-gate and down the path, you will get to the main buildings of the Ichinosawa-Myosho Temple. Coming from Jisso-temple is another way. It is just 700m walk, but by this route you will probably miss the Nioh-gate and Pagoda.

Photo.25.1 Ichinosawa Myosho Temple

Photo.25.2 Pagoda near Ni'oh Gate of Myosho Temple